Option detailSuper EarlyLate Book
Friday Sept 13thFrom Nov 29th
AEdge Computing World conference onlyDecember 9th - single track summit including keynotes and all speaker sessions$799$1399
BD: All Things Distributed (pre-conference Summit)December 9th - Pre-Conference Summit$199$499
CEdge Business Workshop (post-conference)December 12th - interactive workshop$199$499
DConference + one optionoption A plus B OR C$899$1649
EComplete Event (all four days)A+ B + C$999$1899
FDeveloper Conference (one track of conf + keynotes)access to the developer track of ECW, Keynotes & social events$399$899
GDevCon + "D: All things Distrbuted"F + B$499$999
HStartUp Pack2 passes for option A plus a "tall boy" exhibition table in the StartUp Zone$999$1999