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Daniel Spahr

Chief Operatring Officer - Stream Analyze AB

I have worked with IT solutions since I was 14 and started programming, which eventually let me to an international and national career within IT and Management consulting for 20+ years, culminating in landing a role as CIO for a global pest control company, where I built an IoT platform for intelligent traps, revolutionizing the business globally. However, wanting to work with building a company from the foundation up but also capitalizing on some of the insights I gained having worked with IoT, I started looking around the Swedish market. My friend Jan Nilsson had begun building a company within Edge Analysis called Stream Analyze and they were just about to go to market. The solution was ingenious, and I shared their vision of pushing AI and analysis to the edge, rather than to the cloud, so we joined forces in April 2018.


Keynotes - Edge Startup of the Year - Edge Developer Conference - October 13, 2020
Edge Startup of the Year: The Final Pitch-Off
Speaking companies: NEA, Radiant Tech Ventures, Intel Capital, Walden International, HPE Pathfinder, Hardware Club, Amberflux, EdgePresence, EDJX, , Mutable, imagimob, Zeblok Computational, Zella DC (previously Zellabox), Stream Analyze AB
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