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Asif Khan

Managing Director - Head of Data Engineering - CPP Investments
Asif is an technology executive with more than 15 years experience building teams, delivering disruptive technology and creating internet-scale software products. He leads all aspects of data engineering at CPP Investments as Managing Director – Head of Data Engineering. His early career also included leadership roles with Salesforce and SAP. He has made foundational contributions to Amazon HoneyCode, AWS Fargate, and SAP HANA. 

Asif serves on the Engineering & Technology Advisory Group at UC Santa Cruz, and mentors venture backed and pre-VC founders on technology and business strategy. He has published several patents and papers in domain journals such as IEEE, contributed to the Linux System Administrator Handbook and is a frequent speaker at leading technology conferences.


Keynotes - Edge Executive Conference: Auto Edge, Retail Edge, App Mgmt Summits - October 14, 2020
Application Management Chairman’s Welcome
Edge Executive Conference - Application Management Summit
Speaking companies: CPP Investments
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