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Angie Keeler

CEO - Zella DC (previously Zellabox)

Angie is the CEO and Co-founder of Zella DC (formerly Zellabox), a global leader in micro modular data centre solutions, transforming the simplicity and speed of edge deployments. Angie has over 10 years of experience within the IT and micro data centre industries, growing a business with International distribution and support systems across Australia, Asia Pacific, Africa, USA, and the UK.



Keynotes - Edge Startup of the Year - Edge Developer Conference - October 13, 2020
Edge Startup of the Year: The Final Pitch-Off
Speaking companies: NEA, Radiant Tech Ventures, Intel Capital, Walden International, HPE Pathfinder, Hardware Club, Amberflux, EdgePresence, EDJX, , Mutable, imagimob, Zeblok Computational, Zella DC (previously Zellabox), Stream Analyze AB
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