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Anders Hardebring

CEO & CO-Founder - imagimob

Anders has a strong experience in leading and developing early-stage companies in the technology sector. Anders was a driving force from start to exit in AU-System Mobile/Across Wireless that was sold to Sonera Smarttrust in a Billion-dollar exit in 2000. Anders holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköpings University.



Keynotes - Edge Startup of the Year - Edge Developer Conference - October 13, 2020
Edge Startup of the Year: The Final Pitch-Off
Speaking companies: NEA, Radiant Tech Ventures, Intel Capital, Walden International, HPE Pathfinder, Hardware Club, Amberflux, EdgePresence, EDJX, , Mutable, imagimob, Zeblok Computational, Zella DC (previously Zellabox), Stream Analyze AB
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