Retail Edge Summit

October 14th 2020

FREE ! to Retail & Hospitality Edge End-Users

For the last 20 years, eCommerce elevated customer understanding and the standards of shopping convenience. Brands and retailers have attempted to reproduce it in physical stores. 

Capturing and measuring in real-time not only traffic but also trajectory and dwell time, but more and more,  gender, age, and satisfaction, requires a myriad of sensors and technologies that juggle with massive data collection and scrutinized privacy regimes. 

It was just a matter of time for retail to become an early implementation market for edge computing and the 4th industrial revolution.

  • The cashierless store, combining weight sensors and computer vision, exists already in different formats and geographies. A complete game-changer on its way to deliver the personalized convenience expected by the modern consumer. 

  • The smart fitting room together with RFID tags enable not only to seize the size of the shoppers and also its preferences.

  • Associates are now assisted by robots to better identify Out Of Stock and plannogramme inconsistencies.

With the recent take-off of online purchases in the US and in the World, the pandemic just placed at the very core the necessary gains in performance as far as order management, fulfillment, and delivery are concerned. Automated warehouse, teleoperations, augmented reality are part of the solution and also goes with the perfect orchestration of these newly connected objects. This full-day Edge User Summit will feature end-user case studies from the retail, restaurants, and hospitality sectors.

Held as an integral part of Edge Computing World – and accessed via the Everything Edge Conference pass –  the one-day Retail Edge Summit will address some of the key commercial and technical challenges of edge compute for retail operators through keynotes and testimonials. 

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