Our Mission

Edge Computing World is a Market Accelerator for the edge computing space. We provide Context, Content and Connections to allow participants in the edge market to grow their business.

In addition to running Edge Computing World events on a yearly basis, we release ongoing analysis, webinars, newsletters, surveys and reports, all available free of charge to the end user through Edge Computing World site. Our goal is to ensure that the edge market meets its full potential.

Edge computing is undeniably one of the hottest topics in tech today. Technology that underpins such a diverse range of applications, including consumer and industrial AI, IoT, Gaming, Drones, Security Video Connected Cars can clearly create an enormous market. Yet that diversity also brings with it challenges, as not only do requirements need to be unified and verified, but for edge to reach its full potential it needs to bring together a diverse ecosystem of industry actors, including end users, OEMs, 5G network and fixed access providers, CDNs, tower and real estate companies, data center and infrastructure providers, component and semiconductor providers, application development and management, and cloud service providers.

We believe that Edge is the start of a fundamental and far reaching change in the internet towards a more distributed system. However, the market is in early stage of education on this change. We aim to support the market through its growth and to help build a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities, facilitate partnership and provide a platform to drive the market forward.