Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get my Join Code?

You should have received an email with the subject line “Message to attendees of Edge Computing World Global 2021” where there was a join link to access our virtual event platform on Brella. If you haven’t received this email or if you’re unable to locate it, please reach out to so we can send you the link.


How Do I Network at the Event?

In order to network during the event, all you need to do is join the virtual event platform, set up your profile and opt-in to matchmaking. You will then be able to access the People Tab on the left menu where you can search through the other attendees and start suggesting meeting times.


Can I Bookmark my Favorite Content Sessions?

Yes. You are able to bookmark your favorite content sessions by accessing the program in the left hand menu, and then clicking/activating the little flag in the top right corner of the session you would like to bookmark. This will add that session to your own personal event program that you can access on the right side of the program page.


How do I Sync my Calendar ?

On the right side of the program page under all the sorting options, there is a button that allows you to do a “Calendar Sync”. By clicking this you will see a pop-up with guided instructions on how to sync your bookmarked sessions into your own personal calendar.