Edge Developers Conference 2021

FREE to Attend !    October 12th 2021

The Edge Developers Conference is an open access event brought to you by Edge Computing World. Designed to educate the market and developers on key fundamental issues and building blocks of edge computing, the Edge Developers Conference brings together two full tracks of technical talks, startup discussions, talent development insights, and training, in one information-packed day – All completely FREE of Charge.

The Edge Developers Conference will include:

  • Technical insights on edge computing from the industry’s foremost experts
  • Introduction to reference platforms and tools available from leading industry collaboration bodies, such as the Open Infrastructure Foundation, LF Edge, Eclipse Foundation, Open 19 Foundation, Open Geospatial Consortium, omlox & the Open Compute Foundation.
  • Technical Insight Presentations
  • Edge Startup of the Year 2021 Pitch Competition, & Presentation Edge Startup of the Year Award
  • Final presentation of the MEC Edge Hackathon 2021
  • Access to our AI powered Networking Tool so you can set up safe and easy one to one meetings with your peers !


Edge Developers Conference Speakers