2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

16:00 | Tuesday 13th October 2020

StarlingX, a Pluggable Cloud Platform for the Edge

Edge Developers Conference

Edge computing is the result of a technology evolution that brought cloud computing capabilities closer to the end users let them be humans, machines, or both. Making the computing power as well as the flexibility of resource utilization more widely available more industries joined the digital era than ever before from factories through hospitals to agriculture fields.

Many of the use cases have  performance intensive applications running on the edge to execute AI, machine learning or other specialized tasks which can require specialized hardware which can bring up the costs and complicate the maintenance efforts as well as putting limitations on application developers to have access to their software. Using an edge platform that is designed to manage your infrastructure lifecycle from core to the edge can help addressing these challenges.

StarlingX is an open source project supported by the OpenStack Foundation that provides an edge cloud platform that is fine tuned for edge and IoT use cases. This presentation will introduce you the StarlingX project and will highlight possibilities to enhance the platform further towards supporting the lifecycle management of small devices or providing Function-as-a-Service-type capabilities.