2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

11:30 | Wednesday 14th October 2020

Edge Computing – Markets, Trends and Solutions


By 2025 we expect that 75% of all enterprise data will be generated and processed at the edge (Gartner). This trend has already started and continues to accelerate. The introduction of ‘software defined products’, the emergence of 5G networks, the re-purposing of network facilities, and the drive to digital business are all converging to make it more important ever to bring compute closer to where real work is performed; closer to where data is created and where decisions are made. In this session we will bring perspective to those trends. We will highlight the markets where these trends are the strongest. We will outline some of the common use cases that leverage the benefits of edge computing to advantage business outcomes. And we will describe a couple of solutions that exemplify those benefits.