2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

10:00 | Tuesday 13th October 2020

What Makes a Compelling Edge Investment?


Lip-Bu Tan is Founder and Chairman of Walden International (“WI”), a leading venture capital firm managing cumulative capital commitments of $2.8 billion; and Founding Managing Partner of WRVI Capital, a venture capital firm focused on investing in core technology companies.

Lip Bu Tan is one of the most successful Global Venture Capitalists ever, often considered one of the top Ten Venture capitalists in China and listed in the Forbes Midas list in the United States. Lip Bu offers a unique vision to Edge Computing for many reasons:

  • His consistent focus on infrastructure and successful track record over a period of 30 years;
  • His unique knowledge and insights on the two top technology markets (US and China);
  • His vast network with board membership of Softbank, Schneider Electric and HPE makes him one of the most connected Venture Capitalist in the world.  

Lip Bu Tan is also one of the top 5 investors in our Edge Computing Landscape with current active portfolio companies such as Innovium, SambaNova Systems, Vayyar and ETA Computing. Both Innovium and SambaNova Systems have unicorn status and Habana Labs got acquired by Intel for $2.0 Billion.

Lip-Bu will be interviewed by Topio Networks CEO Philippe Cases and we will cover the following themes:

  • What are the criteria Lip-Bu is looking at to make successful investments?
  • How different is Edge Computing compared to the other markets he has invested in the past? Does he see more opportunities? If yes, where?
  • How to build an ecosystem around an Edge Company?