2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

14:00 | Thursday 15th October 2020

Industrial Edge Case Study 5 – Resilience at the Edge

Edge Executive Conference - Industrial Edge Summit

Edge computing in operational technology settings is forcing a convergence of fault tolerance, operational integrity, and cyber resilience. It is all well and good for an AI to rebalance a system in a tenth of a second, but you can be sure an Operator will remote in to check what the AI did, or walk the floor to see things in-person. The former exposes the AI and associated OT to the world. The latter exposes the Operator to physical risk and plant operations to the delay caused by human travel. A balance is needed. What is that balance going to look like?

Join us to learn how standards bodies and Regulators have engaged with this problem over the past nine months, and some of the better solutions that have been deployed in practice.