2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

13:30 | Tuesday 13th October 2020

Enabling Better Decisions in Space & Time with Edge Compute

Edge Developers Conference
  • Edge computing – the next evolution of the internet – responds to the shifting data gravity, reduces latency with local processing of fast data, and enriches information using location and time to enable better decisions.
  • The gravity of data pulls processing and routing toward the source of the data. IoT devices of all kinds are producing data that benefits from local processing like detecting features from sensor measurements at the edge. Data routing near the edge uses location geofences based to optimize messaging and control.  Processing at the source of the data can reduce data privacy issues.
  • Latency is reduced by processing fast data at the edge.   Fast data streams drives computational complexity being addressed by new architectures and analytic methods coming from time series and spatial processing technology.  Application of machine learning in small footprint devices at the edge to process sensor data will have increasing dramatic outcomes.  Computing the trajectories of events and objects in space and time allow for predictions and actions.  Local dynamic high-definition maps updated at the edge are crucial for autonomous vehicles.
  • Sensing at the edge combined with linked data from the wider internet is the basis for Augmented Reality.  The great emerging potential for AR is to enhance situation awareness and performance of humans at the edge.  AR is but one example of how edge computing enables improved decisions and productivity at the edge.