2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

14:00 | Monday 12th October 2020

Connect Your Edge to Your Cloud with Open Source Using EdgeX Foundry

Edge Developers Conference

How do you connect your edge and “things” to your enterprise and cloud systems? Do you have the means to quickly and easily incorporate your AI and other edge analytics into your solutions? Can you address edge scale? Does your solution assist with zero touch provisioning?

  • Learn about LF Edge’s EdgeX Foundry – a vendor-neutral, open source, hardware and OS agnostic edge software platform available through the Linux Foundation to create a common open platform for IoT and edge computing solutions.
  • Understand how EdgeX Foundry supports the development and deployment of interoperable and distributable edge/IoT solutions
  • See how EdgeX simplifies the complexity of the multi-faceted interoperable edge problem while at the same time allowing for inclusion of best of breed solutions for any part of the platform
  • Learn how to rapidly get, configure and deploy EdgeX
  • Learn how to connect any sensor and device to EdgeX and get the data flowing into the platform
  • Learn how EdgeX can get data to any cloud platform or enterprise system
  • See how EdgeX incorporates local / edge analytics and can even include your own AI/ML at the edge
  • Get an appreciation of the community and ecosystem behind EdgeX
  • Explore the momentum behind the project and see who is using EdgeX in their global edge solutions
  • Learn how you can adopt or contribute to the EdgeX effort