2020 Agenda - All Timings PST

07:30 | Monday 12th October 2020

An Introduction to Edge Computing

Edge Developers Conference

Edge Computing is poised to become an essential part of global data networks and an enabler of the digital transformation of organizations in multiple vertical markets.  It takes the capabilities of the cloud, and moves them closer to the sensors, actuators, intelligent devices and users that make up the global Internet of Things.

This talk begins with some terminology, and a high-level architectural view of the cloud-edge-IoT devices hierarchy.  It will survey exemplary use cases / applications of edge computing in several vertical markets (manufacturing, smart cities, 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, etc.).  Then, we will go into the architecture, partitioning, implementation, deployment and operation of edge networks, emphasizing how developers can contribute to all of these phases. Finally, we will discuss the economics, timeline, and supplier ecosystems associated with edge computing, and look at what it takes to succeed in this market.