Edge Computing World brings together a leadership team with experience from the venture, accelerator, analyst, media and events spaces ideally placed to provide a platform to accelerate the Edge market

Our Team

Gavin Whitechurch

Gavin Whitechurch, Founder, Head of Events and Lead Analyst for Edge Computing, Edge Computing World Publisher, Topio Networks

Gavin Whitechurch is a technology analyst, media executive & entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, California. He is the COO and Co-Founder of Topio Networks and serves as Topio’s Principal Edge Analyst .

Prior to Topio he was EVP at informa plc (the world’s largest B2B information & events company) where he led the development of many highly successful new product areas, including pioneering the tech sector’s presence and development in the US market. As a technology analyst, his areas of expertise include Edge Computing, Internet of Things, Cloud, Microservices, Open Source, RISC-V, and 5G & broadband telco networks, technology and business models.

Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott: Founder, Head of Content for Distributed Computing and Applications and Chief Labs Officer, Edge Computing World Publisher, Topio Networks

Kyle is also the Co-Founder and Chief Labs Officer of ReadWrite Labs, as well as an accomplished global business executive and entrepreneur with over 15+ years of experience at the cornerstone of digital transformation between industry and technology. He’s advised over 175 companies globally throughout such industries as the Internet of Things (IoT), Transportation/Mobility, Blockchain/FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Digital Health, Smart Cities and has successfully raised over $130 million in venture capital funding

Greg Cosso

Greg Cosso: Founder, Head of Partnership Edge Computing World Publisher Topio Networks

Greg was formerly Vice President, Partnerships at Rutberg, a research-centric boutique investment bank and event organization, where he represented innovation and evangelized the market from start-ups to enterprises exclusively focused on the IoT, digital media and wireless industries. Prior to Rutberg, he was Director Of Sales at Gigaom where he focused on selling and managing emerging technology research, digital media and event partnerships to technology vendors and strategic buyers. He earlier served as Director Of Sales for Dow Jones where he worked with investors of private companies, investment banks, corporate development, law, accounting and consulting firms. He was later promoted to the Wall Street Journal where he sold multi-media advertising to enterprise customers which included digital and print media as well as partnerships of executive conferences including the CEO Council.

Philippe Cases

Philippe Cases, Founder, CEO Edge Computing World publisher, Topio Networks

Philippe is CEO of Topio, as well as Spoke Software where he focuses on building a Market Intelligence Platform dedicated to tracking innovation. Prior to Spoke, he spent over 16 years as a Venture Capitalist in Europe and then in the United States focusing on Information Technology. One of his core investment focuses was the intersection of the web, analytics and CRM, with successful investments over time such as BVRP, Egide, Rightpoint (acq. by Epiphany), Adknowledge (acq. by CMGI), Inquira (acq. By Oracle), Jaspersoft (acq. By Tibco) and more recently Spoke Software. As a seed investor, Philippe invested in Akili Interactive, Silk Interactive (acq. By Palantir), Think Through Learning (acq. By Imagine Learning) and VentureBeat where he was a board member from 2008 until 2016.

Our Mission

Edge Computing World is a Market Accelerator for the edge computing space. We provide Context, Content and Connections to allow participants in the edge market to grow their business.

We do this not only through Edge Computing World events, but also through analysis, webinars, newsletters, surveys and reports, available free of charge to the end user. Our goal is to ensure that the edge market meets its full potential.

Edge computing is undeniably one of the hottest topics in tech today. Technology that underpins such a diverse range of applications, including consumer and industrial AI, IoT, Gaming, Drones, Security, Video, Connected Cars can clearly create an enormous market. Yet that diversity also brings with it challenges, as not only do requirements need to be unified and verified, but for edge to reach its full potential it needs to bring together a diverse ecosystem of industry actors, including end users, OEMs, 5G network and fixed access providers, CDNs, tower and real estate companies, data center and infrastructure providers, component and semiconductor providers, application development and management, and cloud service providers.